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We currently do not have any CHL Classes scheduled, but please contact us to setup one on one or private classes.

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Summer Texas CHL Classes: $75

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Fridays @ Shiloh Indoor Range Ladies’ Night

Wednesdays (every other) @ Shiloh Indoor Range Combat Pistol

Premier Gun Shows, The Woodlands, Oct 31 - Nov 01, 2015, Pasadena, Dec 05 - 06, 2015

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Texas CHL Classes in NW Houston

TX CHL (Concealed Handgun License) Classes in the NW Houston areas, close to Spring, TX, Cypress, TX, the Woodlands, TX, and Conroe, TX.


CHL - CCW Information

CHL or CCW Information, Products, Product Reviews, Services, Accessories, and Common Techniques and other great available resources.


Firearms Training

Pre CHL Class Basic Pistol Training, Basic and Advanced Pistol, Basic Firearms Safety Training along with concealment (CHL) Training.

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CHL Legal Protection

Our Amazon Store

Legal Protection

Personal Safety

The DoubleActionCHL Amazon Store features great Products and Accessories for both CHL - CCW and Basic Personal Protection and Safety.


Concealed Handgun License, personal, family, and criminal defense related Legal Shield Services prepaid legal services information.


Basic Personal Protection and Safety Information, accessories, and products, along with common proven Techniques.

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Learning how to safely handle and shoot a firearm and acquiring your Concealed Handgun License is just the beginning. Let us help you with what is next including products and accessories!

- C. R. Collins Jr., NRA Instructor, Texas CHL Instructor


Other Items of Interest on Our Website

CHL - CCW,  General Personal Protection & Safety , and Legal Protection

Streamlight 1L Flashlight

Everyday Carry Items

These can be used in conjugation with your CHL -CCW Pistol or for those times you cannot carry

Everyday Carry items are items that DoubleActionCHL recommends you carry with you at all times, with or without your CHL – CCW concealed carry pistol. These items can help in emergency situations which vary from being attacked to being stuck in a major storm. Just some of our recommended items are a identification along with cash and credit cards (yes, seems obvious) smart phone (they are worth the investment), CHL – CCW Pistol, tactical flashlight, dummy or secondary wallet, OC or Pepper Spray (for when you can't carry your CHL – CCW), and let's not forget an assisted opening knife.

iPhone Smartphone and Laptop

Free eBook: TX Concealed Handgun License Cheatsheet

As accurate and up-to-date as possible, but please read and understand the laws on your own!

CHL – CCW Concealment laws can be tricky and can vary greatly per state. Make sure you know the laws of the state(s) that you plan to carry in (after checking reciprocity of course). Request our Free eBook of our Texas CHL Carry Cheat sheet with common areas you can and can’t carry your CHL concealed pistol in Texas, along with the many misunderstood locations.

Comp-Tac Paddel Hoster

CHL - CCW & Basic Personal Safety Product Reviews

We test out the items that we highlight or recommended and give you our honest rating, Pros & Cons

With so many products and accessories associate with CHL  - CCW carry and basic personal protection it is almost impossible to know what will work best for you. While we still can’t answer the question entirely, we can give you more honest and straight forward information to help you make that decision. Again, what is a great fit for one person, might not be the best for another. CHL  - CCW accessories are like vehicles, everyone has their preferred types and brands for various reasons. However, only consider items that are time tested, and don’t get caught-up in the “hype” of a new product. And always, test out and practice with your choice, the best you can, to make sure that it does work for you, and that you teach yourself how to us it most effectively. If you can, acquire professional training to help home the skills needed.

Purse Concealment Carry

Why Choose DoubleActionCHL for Texas CHL Classes

These are only a few reasons of course

  • Comfortable Indoor Shooting Range
  • Public Classes and Range Qualifications are in the same location on the same day
  • Experienced, Energetic Instructors
  • Excellent Multimedia Presentation
  • Post Classroom Support (Call or email us your questions)
  • Hundreds of Hours of Research put Into the Presentation and Handouts
  • Women Friendly Environment

A Personal Note from the DoubleActionCHL Instructors

Owning and handling a firearm is a huge responsibility and safety should be followed at all time, by everyone!

We truly love what we do and it shows in everything we do. While we would love for you to take a Texas CHL Class from us, get firearms training through us, and purchase your accessories through our DoubleActionCHL Amazon Online Store, if you don’t, please make sure that when you do, it is through a qualified resource(s). As with the tools that carry that might save your life one day, this is not the time to “cheap out,” as you don’t want that tool to fail at the worst possible time. Get training, practice, be safe, and take a friend to the range whenever possible.