Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

About DoubleActionCHL

DoubleActionCHL is a diverse website. We offer a wide range of information, services and products, with one goal in mind “empowering an individual to protect themselves from those who would do them harm.” Personal Protection, LTC, and concealment carry or CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) information and training can difficult to find and can be intimidating to those who need it most. This is why DoubleActionCHL was started. Not only do we bring you time tested information and training techniques, we try and do this in a non-intimidating manner; even when I perform firearms training. Know of good LTC or Personal Protection information, we would love to here from you!

About DoubleActionCHL
About DoubleAction.info
About Legal Shield

About DoubleActionCHL

About DoubleActionCHL.info

About Legal Shield

DoubleActionCHL is the brain child of Tracy Campbell who wanted to offer the best Texas LTC training available. While Tracy isn’t currently teaching, several well qualified instructor continue to do so under the DoubleActionCHL name,  teaching both Public and Private based classes.

DoubleActionCHL.info is part of the DoubleActionCHL set of websites. currently where our BLOG resides. You may be redirected to our DoubleActionCHL.info at times.

Randy Wells and his team helps protect all of the Instructors along with all of the other benefits that Legal Shield offers for a low monthly cost.

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Texas LTC (license to carry) Licensed Instructor

NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

NRA Member

IDPA Member

USPSA Member

Associates of Arts

Bachelors of Business Administration

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I teach because it is my passion!

10 Years Mixed Martial Arts Training

24 Years Shooting Experience

Avid Student of Personal Protection

Major Real Estate Broker Firm in Champions Forest in Spring TX

Real Estate Firm in the Woodlands

Countless Couples and Individuals in and around the Houston NW area

Join our ever growing list of clients today!

15 years Information Technology

20 Years Management Experience

Other Beneficial Skills:

Teaching: Technical and non-Technical

Creative Wriring and Technical Documentation