Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Men LTC Carry (CHL Carry) Options

There isn’t an end all carry option. Expect to have many different options.

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Clothing and Activity

Carry a concealed firearm (and other personal protection tools, isn't easy, and isn't always comfortable. Truthfully, you don't want it to be too comfortable since you might forget that you do have a firearm on you. Depending on how you are dressed, it will dictate the type of carry, and maybe even the firearm that you can carry.

Balance concealment, accessibility, and comfort

Remember, you might have to adjust how your dress to carry.

A few important pieces of information to remember when deciding on how to concealment carry:

  • The average gun fight last seconds and a bad situation can escalate in a matter of seconds, you need to be able to draw your CHL Concealment firearm in less than 2 seconds. This means that you need to practice drawing from your concealment carry. (or course with a unloaded firearm unless you are under proper super vision at a range.
  • Men are more than likely going to be attacked by more than one attacker, and typically several. Get training that reaching you to be on the look at for multiple attackers and how to handle yourself when you are being attached.
  • Shooting and training is a perishable skill. You should practice at the range at least once a month.
  • Draw your line in the sand. What are you willing to shoot over? Remember that you will still probably have legal ramifications even if you are acting within the law.

CHL Carry Options for Men

The only real difference between men and women carry is how we dress

Common CHL Concealment Options for Women in order of recommendation:

  1. Waist Holster Concealment Carry
  2. In-Waist Holster Concealment Carry
  3. Pocket Holster Concealment Carry
  4. Belly Band Concealment Carry
  5. Pack or Briefcase Concealment Carry

Don’t forget your Everyday Carry Items!

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Dress and CHL (CCW) Carry

A few other things to consider

You should be able to move easily in the clothing that you choose along with the concealment features that you may need to “hide” your CHL Concealment Pistol and any other weapons that you are carrying to help defend yourself against a potential attacker.

Balance concealment and the easy of access of your personal protection items and your CHL - CCW concealed pistol. On-person carry is better than off-person, and the closer to your hands, the better. In other words, ankle carry is better than noting, but the likelihood of you getting to a firearm on your ankle when you need it, is unlikely.

Shoes are very important; your shoes need to be well fitting, comfortable, and you should be able to move quickly in them.