Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Other LTC Carry (CHL Carry)

Wearing a suit, riding a motercycle or bike, there are concealment options

Businessman & Businesswomen

Special Carry Options

Outside of the standard on person and off person carry options, there are great options that are typically for special activities or clothing options. Not only can you have additional business dress options, they can be used for motorcycle and bicycle riding.

Sneaky Pete's Holster

Sneaky Pete’s  Holsters

We would still use these with cover shirt or jacket, as others might now what they are used for

Sneaky Pete Holsters are a way to CHL Conceal Carry when dressed up, without a jacket or coat. Our recommendation is to use this option only when the other CHL Concealment techniques are not an option. The reason is because, while technically your CHL Carry Pistol is “concealed,” others who are familiar with these types of holsters know that you are probably carrying a weapon.


  • Your mode of dress doesn't have to be modified to fit carrying a CHL Pistol.
  • Due to the style of the Holster, it can easily be mistaken for a large cell phone or small tablet case


  • Even though your CHL Pistol is technically “concealed,”  others familiar with these types of holsters, probably know that you are carrying a weapon.
  • Due to the style and shape of the Holsters, they could be mistaken as a smart phone or small tablet, and could be targeted by those who want to do you harm, and take what you have.

Belly Band, Kangaroo Carry, or Flash Bang Carry

These are different options, but they can be used effectively with practice

With the Belly Band, Kangaroo Carry, or the Flash Bang Carry options, you are getting into some very specialized carry options. We will not cover the Pros and Cons of each carry method, but really tell you when you might want to use each option. Please remember, as with any CHL Concealed Holster option, you should always proactive drawing your defensive handgun, preferable in a safe direction and with the weapon unloaded. Depending on which option or version that you choose, please watch to see if you draw the weapon across any of your body parts, or in the case of drawing left to right or vice versa, potentially expose innocent bystanders to a loaded weapon. Please remember, even if it is an accident during a situation where you are being attached and having to use deadly force to defend yourself, you could still be held liable for harming an innocent person.

Belly or Chest Band:

  • Jogging / Running, Bike riding, or even Motorcycle riding

Kangaroo Carry:

  • More than likely at a time that you are a little more dressed up, and do not have a better carry option.
  • Good option for Motorcycle riding, however can be difficult to get to with a riding jacket on.

Flash Bang:

  • Good carry option during extremely hot days. Can be worn with shorts and a tee shirt