Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Women LTC Carry  (CHL Carry) Options

Absolutely Women carry can be different than LTC (CHL) carry for Men

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Clothing is Everything

While women can CHL carry in the same manner as men, but most will choose to CHL carry in different ways. This will probably depend on how you dress. Keep in mind that you might need to dress around how you plan to carry...

Why can Women Concealment carry be different?

Yes, you can also carry the same way that men do...

  • Clothing choices tend to be more form fitting
  • Women’s natural curves tend to make more conventional CHL Concealed Pistol carry a bit more challenging and less comfortable. Some holster manufactures do make holsters designed to help this, but they are not meant for CHL carry.
  • The hottest and fastest growing consumer market for firearm and accessories are women. Manufactures have responded are now selling anything from pink firearms to pink bullets.
  • Women are more likely to be victims of attack. This includes:
    • Aggravated robbery and assault
    • Sexual assault

CHL Carry Options for Women

So many more carry options than Men!!!

Common CHL Concealment Options for Women in order of recommendation:

  1. Waist Holster Concealment Carry
  2. In-Waist Holster Concealment Carry
  3. Pocket Holster Concealment Carry
  4. Belly Band Concealment Carry
  5. Bra Holster Concealment Carry
  6. Purse Concealment Carry
  7. Pack or Briefcase Concealment Carry

Don’t forget your Everyday Carry Items!


Women dress and CHL (CCW) carry

Yes, you might have to alter the way that you dress

You should be able to move easily in the clothing that you choose along with the concealment features that you may need to “hide” your CHL Concealment Pistol and any other weapons that you are carrying to help defend yourself against a potential attacker.

Balance concealment and the easy of access of your personal protection items and your CHL - CCW concealed pistol. On-person carry is better than off-person, and the closer to your hands, the better.

Shoes are very important; your shoes need to be well fitting, comfortable, and you should be able to move quickly in them.

Clothing and the Range: With the responsibility of carrying a CHL Concealment Pistol to help protect yourself, comes the responsibility of practicing. We recommend practicing at the range at least once a month.

Here is what we recommended (or don’t recommend) wearing to the range:

  • Long pants (even during the summer at a outdoor range)
  • Closed toe shoes (no flip-flops or sandals)
  • No low cut or skimpy tops. (the spent casings are hot and you don’t want to get one down the front of your shirts. It can and does happen)
  • Long sleeve if possible
  • If you have fancy nails, or just want to protect your hands a bit more, a good pair of shooting gloves helps
  • And of course, don’t forget your eyes and ears. For indoor ranges, you might want to go with ear plugs and muff style ear protection together.

Concerns About Women Directed Firearms Marketing

It is great that vendors are creating products for women, but don’t believe the hype

Don’t miss understand, the fact that the firearm and firearm accessory manufactures have started marketing and creating items for women, is a good thing and should be continued, but proceed with caution. Only quality time tested items should be purchased. In other words please make sure that you do your own research and homework and only buy quality name brands. Remember, your life could be dependent on your purchase.