Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

LTC (CHL - CCW) Holster

Just like with a Concealment Pistol, don’t cheap out! And Practice, Practice!!!

Alien Gear Holster with Pistol

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A great deal of time your LTC (CHL) Pistol will be in a holster. There are many different options an types. It is a balance between concealment, comfort, and ease of access. The best concealed pistol does you no good, if you can’t draw it fast enough when attacked. And of course, Practice with the Holster if you can, either dry fire, or at the range.

We break down LTC Holsters into three class, on-person, off-person, and other

Not a one size fits all option. Expect to have a few options.

You probably have more than one, and may even buy some you don’t like. Ebay!

Despite on how you decide to carry your CHL - CCW Concealment Carry Pistol, On-Person or Off-Person, it should always be secured in a holster or Case.  First, you have to decide on how you are going to carry, before you can decide on a holster or case. You might have several for different times of year, clothing options, and location or activities.

There a several different ways to conceal your CHL handgun. The most recommended option is On-Person Carry, but depending on your circumstances and situation, this may not always be an option. The three main CHL Concealment Holster Techniques are:

  • On-Person Carry
  • Off-Person Carry
  • Other CHL Carry

The types of CHL holster concealed carry are listed in recommended preference and we will cover each one in more detail.
Remember, for now, Texas does not have an open carry law, with this said, please remember that CHL means “Concealed Handgun License”  and that weapon has to be CONCEALED at all times.

More than likely, you will use a combination of concealment options depending on your current dress and where you will be.

Level II Holster

The purpose of a holster

It may look nice, but it also has a purpose

Purpose of a Holster

  • Safe carry
  • Protect firearm
  • Keep in easy reach
  • Keep grip oriented for easy draw
  • Concealment

Firearm Holster Retention Types

  • Level I: Open top concealed carry (held in place by friction)
  • Level II: Push button/interlock
  • Level III: Thumb breaks, straps, hoods, snaps (often used by law enforcement)
Comp-Tac Holster

A few items to consider about your holsters

Expect to purchase several different holsters. Some will work for you and some will not. 

  1. Your style of dress and destination might determine which holster that you use that day. Plan accordingly.
  2. Don’t cheap out! You don’t want issues in pull your pistol, or have your holster break.
  3. We often hear, “The holsters are not comfortable!” It shouldn't be “comfortable,” but also shouldn’t be too un-comfortable. You want to always be reminded and remember that you have a CHL Concealment Pistol on you.
  4. Remember, depending on which type of holster you purchase, there might be some maintenance that needs to be done with the holster time to time. (i.e. for non-kydex hard shell holsters, a little gun oil on the inside might be needed. Or leather holsters might need leather care.)
    • This will help with holstering and un-holstering your weapon.
    • Help prevent wear and tear of the holster and your CHL pistol.
    • Help keeps your the outside of your CHL Carry Pistol oiled, which should be done often. (just a light coat, you don’t want it dripping or too “wet” since it will pick up dust and dirt.

On-Person CHL Carry Options

AlienHolster with XD

This is the recommended carry option if it is possible.
This means that your primary defense weapon (CHL carry pistol) is physically on your person or body. It isn’t stored in a bag that you carry around, but it actually intergrated into your clothing.

Visit our On-Person CHL Carry Webpage for more information

Off-Person (off body) CHL Carry Options

Briefcase with Purse and Wallet

Off-Person CHL Carry means that the CHL Pistol is in a purse, bag, or case that is on your person
Off-Person carry means that your CHL Pistol is located in a holster in a purse, pack, or case, but is still located on your person with a strap or another way. Since this is the preffered carry method for many women, we will cover the Pros and Cons in detail.

Visit our Off-Person CHL Carry Webpage for more information

Other CHL Carry Options

Businessman & Businesswomen

Other CHL Carry options might fall into On-Person or Off-person categories, but they are not the normal options.
Even though these concealment carry options may not be “main stream” they can still be great options; though they may only be used be certain activities or situations.

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