Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Concealment Carry (CHL - LTC) Action Type

Be sure sure to practice all the actions types that you might carry. i .e. DA/SA


Four CHL Action Types

SA (Single Action), DA (Double Action), DA/SA (Double Action, then Single Action, and Striker Fire. Each type has its place, and depending on which pistol you purchase, you may or may not be able to choose your action type. In any case, you need to know what they mean, and make sure you practice if you are going to carry different ones.

The Four main types of Actions are:

Striker fire is only for semi-auto’s, and SA is usually only cowboy action revolvers

The Four main types of Actions are:

  • Single-Action (SA) (“Cowboy”  style or similar guns – “SA” not recommended for CHL carry)
  • Double-Action (DA) – most guns are this way for the first trigger press. Some are this way all of the time. It is personal preference, but DA/SA is better than all the time DA. However many instructors will put up a great argument that DA is better than DA/SA since most people don’t practice DA enough. This is your first shot, so you should practice DA more than SA.
    • This might be your only option depending on the type of pistol that you are purchasing. BUG (Back up guns) or Pocket Guns tend to only be DA. This can help prevent the gun from being fired when not intended.
  • DA/SA – Double-Action for the first round, then Single-Action after that. Typically the type of action that you will see in many models that people carry for concealment. Again, make sure that you practice the DA action as much as the SA action.
  • Striker Fire are typically thought of as Glocks, but they are also S&M M&P, and Springfield XD pistols. They are kind of the best of both DA and SA, and are what is primarly recominded for CHL (CCW) carry since there are less moving parts, which means less to think about and less that can go wrong.

So which action type is best for you

As with everything, that is really a decision you need to make!

It really depends on which weapon chassis (and brand) that you choose to carry. Several small chassis are DA only. Glocks, M&P, and XD’s are  Striker Fire.

Striker Fire is our preferred for CHL (CCW) carry, but the do handle recoil a little differently than others and many people can’t get used to it.

Whichever you decide, try them all, and practice regularly with the one(s) that you choose.

Glock Pistol Striker Fire

What does Action Type Mean

Remember our goal is to help you find the best CHL pistol, not teach you about how it works

With that said, here are what an Action Type is and some brief descriptions about the different types:

The Action type is how the  (firing mechanism) hammer (typically, but not in striker fire) is cocked and released by the movement of the trigger.

  • Single-Action: The hammer is manually cocked (pulled back until it locks), and then released when the trigger is pressed. Since there is a manual process of cocking the hammer before you can fire the weapon, this is why it is not recommended for CHL Concealment Carry.
  • Double-Action: The hammer is cocked and released within the same trigger press. Generally takes more pressure (often measured in pounds or lb) to press the trigger than SA or Striker Fire.
  • With DA/SA the first trigger press is double-action, and each trigger press with any remaining rounds within the magazine are single-action and do not require as much travel (or pressure) of the trigger to fire the pistol.
  • Striker is kind of a hybrid of both, but learning good trigger control and using your trigger reset, means that you can lessen the trigger travel distance of each round, after the first trigger press.