Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Choosing Ammo for LTC Carry (CHL Carry)

Two kinds of ammo needed Practice and Personal Protection. You need both!!

Ammo in a storage tray

Practice & Defense

The Defensive Ammo, or Personal Protection, is what should be loaded in your weapon when you carry your CHL Concealment Carry Pistol.
Practice, Target,  ammo is what is used to practice shooting at the range. It is much cheaper than Defensive ammo. Anyone who has a CHL license, they should practice at least once a month.

Here is some information about Defensive ammo:

Defensive, Personal Protection, Bonded, or Hydro Shock are all in this family of ammo

Personal Protection ammo usually has more gun powered, this makes the round “hotter” and this equals more stopping power

This type of ammo is a “hollow point,” which means that there is a cavity or hole at the tip of the bullet. Sometimes it might be filled in with various materials.

The “hollow point” expands when the bullet runs into fluid. The expansions benefits are twofold:

  • Provides more stopping power against your attacker
  • Helps prevent the bullet from passing through your attacker and hurting or innocent bystanders

Here is some information about Practice ammo:

Even though ammo might be hard to find, don’t by keep no name brands. You will pay for it in the long run.

Practice or Target Ammo is what you should use when shooting at the range.

The lead core is covered in a copper jacket, often referred to as “Full Metal Jacket." Recommended for most semi-automatics

Soft Point Ammo is partly surrounded by copper, but the tip of the round has the lead exposed. This is often the type of ammo that is used in revolvers.

Just like with your choice of a CHL Concealment Carry Pistol, please don’t cheap out! Buy only quality ammunition from a brand or company that you trust.

45 caliber ammo types

What is the best Ammo for your weapon for CHL purposes?

If you plan to buy reloads, make sure it is from a reputable quality source that you trust.

Quality ammo that you have tested in your weapon. At least a magazine full, if not two. If you have any jams or issue with the ammunition, then this isn’t the right ammo for you to carry in your CHL weapon.
Please always read your owner’s manual for the correct type of ammo that your pistol is designed to use!