Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

LTC, CHL, or CCW Pistol

Choosing a LTC (CHL)Pistol isn’t an easy task. It takes time and thought!

Carry Pistol with Hollow Points

Just a Tool

A Pistol, or handgun, is nothing more than a tool to help you protect you and your family. Granted it is a tool that when used is often lethal, because of this it should be respected at all times. Please get proper training and practice in a controlled environment designed for this purpose.

Here is what you should concider when looking for a CHL (CCW) Pistol

Choosing The Right CHL Carry Pistol 101

Don’t let some talk you into something. Do your own homework and decide what is best for you!

Choosing the correct CHL carry pistol is almost as difficult as finding the right vehicle that fits you. Often, we will refer to your CHL weapon as a tool, and that is exactly what it is, but think of choosing the right CHL pistol for you is almost like choosing which vehicle is correct for you. There are countless models and types and what is right for one person, isn't right for another. The basic features are the same, but each vehicle has its own pros and cons. A holster is similar to the options that can be chosen for that vehicle.  We will list a few of the Do’s and Don’ts that we recommend you should follow and some other recommended items when looking for the correct CHL Carry Pistol that is right for you.


  • Don't let the sales person at the gun store, “talk” you into anything. Make sure you do your own homework and don't purchase the first handgun you see.
  • Don't purchase the largest caliber that you can find in the smallest, easiest to conceal, chassis.
  • Don't buy the “cheapest” pistol that you can find
  • Don’t attempt to carry the largest chassis that you can find. While these tend to be easier to shoot than the smaller chassis, remember, this is a Concealed Handgun License, and what you carry must be concealed.


  • Do “Test drive” the make and model before you decide to purchase. Many ranges will let you rent a variety of weapons during your session.
  • Do consider the cost of ownership (cost of ammo, etc) before making a purchase. You should always practice with the pistol that you plan to carry, and some ammo types are harder to find than others.
  • Do plan on having to change your style of dress, and having to make other changes based on ease of concealment and ease of access to your pistol. Remember it must be concealed, but if it takes more than 1 to 2 seconds to draw the weapon, it will not do you much good when you need it.
  • Do practice drawing or dry firing your weapon. Of course, confirm that the weapon is empty and pointed in a safe direction at all times.
Alienware Holster with XD Pistol

Choosing Your CHL Carry Pis

Ask yourself some basic questions and guidelines to help you decide which Pistol is best for you


  1. Do your own homework. Don’t buy the first pistol recommended to you until you are sure that is the right one for you and what you plan to use it for. In this case, CHL Concealed Carry.
  2. How many firearms are you going to own, and what are you going to use them for? These questions might change what you need.
    • Is this your Primary or Secondary pistol?
    • Is this only for CHL Concealment Carry or do you plan to use it for Practical Shooting?
    • Is it going to be used for Home Defense?
  3. Decide between a semi-automatic or revolver (this might require shooting both of them)
  4. Decide on a chassis size
  5. Decide on a caliber (remember about the cost of the ammo)
  6. Decide on an Action Type
  7. Decide on the Chassis (Frame) material (plastic polymer or alloy)
    Choose the brand(s)
  8. Decide on a price range (might come before choosing the brand - should be around $500 or above)
  9. Know the cost of ownership (ammo cost), maintenance and the life of the firearm

No one can tell you what is best for you. That is truly something that you have to decide on your own. However, when starting off, start with the what is proven to be reliable and trustworthy and find what feels best to you.

Pistol and Concealment Training

Wooden Silhouettes

DoubleActionCHL Offers Basic Pistol and CHL Concealment Training
It isn’t enough to only have a CHL license. You need to know how to handle your firearm, and practice on a regular basis. This doesn't always mean going to range the putting round down range, which you should do at least once a month. However their are several ways to practice outside of the range as well. Let us teach you all of the above. Visit our Firearms Training website for more details.

Legal Protection

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DoubleActionCHL recommends Legal Shield for Legal Protection
We hope that you never have find your self in a situation that forces you to defend yourself, but what if you are forced to?  If you carry a CHL then you should have legal representation that you can turn to when needed, but you should also update your will every year. Legal Shield can help with both. Visit our Legal Protection website for details.

Personal Protection Information

Personal Protection NO

A CHL is only one way to defend yourself, learn many other Personal Protection techniques and information for free!
Even if you don’t have a CHL or even a firearm, learn about your option on how to protect you and your family. Often, avoidance is the best  answer, but not always an option. If you do find yourself in a bad situation, we hope the information provide and can turn things to your favor. Visit our Personal Protection website for more information.

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