Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Proper License to Carry (LTC) Mindset

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Before you Purchase or Decide to Carry a Pistol for Protection

CHL Mindset

Extremely Important

If you don’t have the proper mindset, or don’t feel that you can, then we recommended that you look at our other recommended options for personal protection.

Yes, we said it! We don’t believe that everyone can handle the responsibility of owning a firearm

5 Main Areas of Proper Mindset

Don’t miss-understand, everyone has the right to protect themselves from an illegal attacker

We can separate the Proper Mindset to Concealed Carry and Open Carry into two parts. The mindset needed before you decide that you want to protect yourself using concealed carry and/or open carry, and the proper mindset needed after legally obtained the right to conceal and/or open carry. While both mindsets are similar, they can be greatly different as well.

  1. Pre CHL / LTC / CCW mindset: Are you ready to learn, and practice, how to operate and handle a firearm safely. To some people, this is a “No Brainer.” They were raised around guns and this is second nature. However, there are many people who have never been around them, or have been raised to be afraid of them. It usually takes the latter much longer to decide that they want to learn and to take action.
  2. CHL / LTC / CCW mindset (or Post mindset): Finding the right path and correct information in a “sea” of information. And often, not great or accurate information.

Part 1 of the Proper Mindset to Concealed Carry and Open Carry
This is the most critical aspect, and should not be taken lightly. However, don't get so caught up in research and preparedness that you don't take action.
DoubleActionCHL has heard in our LTC classes time and time again, "It has taken me years before I built up enough courage to learn how to shoot a gun, and take an LTC class." or, the one I hate to hear, "I was attacked and I'm here to learn how to defend myself." Asking a few questions might help the decision process, granted these are very high-level:

  1. I’m I legally able to own a firearm?
  2. I’m I mentally capable of owning  and handling a firearm it in a safe manner?
  3. Do I abuse drugs (legal or illegal) or alcohol?
  4. I’m I physically capable of handling a firearm?
  5. I’m I willing to learn how to handle a firearm safely?

After you have decided to protect you and your family, learned the basics of firearms and firearms safety, acquired the proper licensing (if required by your local or national government) here is the second part of the Proper Mindset to Concealed Carry and Open Carry.

Part 2 of the Proper Mindset to Concealed Carry and Open Carry
The proper mindset of a CHL holder, or anyone wanting to protect themselves, can be broken down into 5 areas. Each area builds on its self, with the first goal being avoidance, and the end goal Survival an attack, heaven forbid that it ever get that far.

The 5 main areas are:

  • Avoidance
  • Be an adult
  • Stop the threat
  • Survival
  • Just a citizen, not law enforcement!

Surviving an attack (to some degree) and carrying a CHL Concealed Pistol for self-defense all take the proper mindset. If you do have the horrible misfortune to be attacked, your actions (training), along with your “will to survive” will make all the difference in the world. The best survival technique out there, is to not be in a bad situation in the first place; avoidance!

To be responsible enough to carry a firearm and survive an attack, remember these 5 areas

  • Avoidance

    Avoidance is more than just not going to places where something could happen, but this is a big part of it. Crime can happen almost anywhere, avoiding it is about being observant, knowing your surroundings, taking precautions, knowing your abilities, and limiting or eliminating distractions are the needed tools by everyone.

    Look around! When sitting at a restaurant, waking down the street, sitting on a bus or train, keep your eyes open and stay observant. This doesn’t mean that you have to be paranoid, but if something doesn’t look right, take action. Taking action could be as simple as crossing the street, stepping into a store, or just putting your hand on your CHL Concealment Pistol or Pepper Spray and being ready, just in case. Instinct is a powerful tool, and is built into our nature. It often tells us when something isn’t right long before we can consciously realize it.

    What is your plan A and plan B? What and where are your “exits” to a safe location? Questions you should always have the answers to where ever you go. This is something that is quick and easy to do, and remember, keep it simple. Knowing where all the exits are, and choosing to use it back exit as opposed to the main exit, might be the best plan.

  • Be an Adult
  • Stop the Threat
  • Survive an Attack
  • Just a Citizen, not Law Enforcement