Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

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There are great proven techniques and products out there, but can be difficult to find. Please remember that everything included in our website are just recommendations, because every person is different, and what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. Keep it simple, practice, and remember the basics!

Before you Decide to Carry a Firearm for Self Defense

Proper Mindset

The Proper Mindset to Carry a Concealed Carry Pistol

The fact that you are researching the subject is a great in the right direction!

The proper mindset of a CHL holder, or anyone wanting to protect themselves, can be broken down into 5 areas. Each area builds on its self, with the first goal being avoidance, and the end goal Survival an attack, heaven forbid that it ever get that far.

Eye and Ear Protection

Firearm Safety & Basics: Learning and Practicing

No matter what your end goal, the basics are always the same and should be adhered to at all times

While there are the “Basics” may change in wording, they mean the same. DoubleActionCHL recommends the NRA wording; however, some instructors may combine two of the rules into one.

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Walther Carry Pistol

Third, Which Pistol is Best for you to Carry

While this might not be the gun you shoot the most at the range, you should practice with it regularly

Deciding on how you want to carry and choosing the correct holster to use to hold you CHL pistol is almost as difficult as finding the right  pistol. In fact, they are linked together. Here is our advice, do your own homework. No one can tell you what the best choice for you is; however, there are some good solid standards that are time tested.

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Purse Concealment Carry Draw

Next, How are you Going to Carry Your CHL (CCW) Pistol

Some say this is the other way around and you decide on a pistol on how you are going to carry, not true!

After you have decided on which CHL Pistol(s) you are going to purchase and carry, next is deciding on the holster and how you are going to carry. You might have to change your dress, around your CHL pistol. Keep in mind that you might have more than one holster, and you may decide that you didn’t like what you purchased. Don’t worry, they sell great on eBay!

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Tactical Flashlight

Identify Your “Everyday” Carry Items

These are items you carry with every single day in addition (or even when you can’t carry) to your pistol

”Everyday Carry” items are exactly that. Items you carry with you (or very close to you) at all times, even when you can’t carry a CHL (CCW) pistol. These items can be supplemental to a CHL pistol, but also have self-defense or emergency response properties of their own. Many are “common sense” items, but some might not be.

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Signed Contact

Lastly, Make Sure you Have Legal Protection

Even if you are defending your life, you can still be tried for a crime or sued. Be Prepared before hand!

At least in Texas, even if you are defending your life and your families life, you most likely will have to go in front of a Grand Jury,  a full trial, and/or a civil trial. You need that advocate on your side throughout the entire process.

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Important Information Related to CHL (CCW) Carry

CHL Pistol with Hollow Points

Texas LTC Classes (Formally called Texas CHL Classes)
This is the information that you need before or after the CHL class, but before you start to carry a concealed firearm
If you are looking for quality Texas CHL classes in the Northwest Houston area, we have what you need. Don’t look at the cheaper CHL Classes, as they are often all about quantity, and not quality. Visit our Texas CHL Classes Page.


Firearms Training
Before you get your CHL license, or even after, let us teach you how to handle your firearm and practice to protect yourself
Great training and practice techniques for beginning shooter or those who are just beginning to carry a CHL firearm. We can also help the experienced shooters hone in their shooting skills. Visit our Firearms Training Page.

Pistol Grip with Thumbs Forward

Legal Protection
Recommended for anyone who is going to carry a firearm for personal defense, but it also offers so much more.
It what was all of our instructors carry and recommend. Even if you are completely within the law when defending yourself, you will still need an attorney. Not to mention, everyone should have an up to date will. Visit our Legal Protection Page.

Personal Protection Shield

Personal Protection
A firearm should be your last resort, and you may not always be able to carry, but should carry everywhere you legally can.
Great personal protection techniques, information and recommended tools to help protect you and your family beyond a CHL - CCW license. We have done the homework and research, so that you don’t have to. Visit our Personal Protection Page.

Amazon Online Store

Amazon Store
The DoubleActionCHL Amazon Store
Firearm, CHL (CCW), and Personal Protection tools and accessories all in one place and delivered from Amazon. We have done the research and put our recommended items all in one easy to find location, our online store. Visit our Amazon Store Page.