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Tactical Flashlight

A Tactical Flashlight is a Must Everyday Carry Item for Everyone!!!

Tactical Flashlights

Always Have One!

Not all flashlights are created equal. Often called tactical flashlights, there are certain factors that we are looking for in trying to find just what we need. In fact, you might have multiple flashlights for different situations. Granted, there are pros and cons to using a flashlight in a self defense situations.


Here are some guidelines to consider:

Buy Quality, but you don’t have to spend a lot! Remember the spare batteries...

  • Should have the ability to be used with one hand. You may not always have the option of two hands.
  • A good tactical flashlights should be between 120 and 200 lumens. Lower, and it will not have the shock value needed to stun your assailant. Brighter, and you might accidentally blind yourself or block your visibility of the attacker(s). Leave the higher lumen lights for outside or law enforcement use.
  • Look for multiple setting, including strobe, and low light options
  • Don’t cheap out! It should be a good quality brand that can stand being droped, or even used as a weapon itself.
  • A good texture on the handle may make a world of difference if you are sweating or get into something that is wet.
  • Grooves on the end can not only help protect the lens, but can help you get away from your attacker if used against pressure points.


  • Most self defense situations will occur at night or in low light areas
  • Even during the day, most people are in areas of low light. Parking garages or stair wells are a good example of this.
  • When used in the eyes of the assailant, especially in strobe mode, can stun them buying you several seconds to either get away, or draw a primary, secondary, or Intermediate weapon.


  • Not only do they help you see your attackers, exits, and bystanders, they give away your position and other valuable bits of information.
  • Effective use takes training and practice.
  • Used incorrectly, can temporary blind or stun the operator , or an innocent bystander.

Great Recommended Tactical Flashlight Brands

Streamlight 2L Tactical Flashlight

While there are several great brands of tactical flashlights out there, the two main recommended brands are Streamlight and Surefire.

Streamlights are sleeker and usually a bit more affordable.
Surefires have more aggressive styling and the choice of many of the tactical shooters.

In either case, you will be purchasing a quality product, and we recommend purchasing more than one and keep them in easy to accesses places, including on your person. Like everything else that we recommend, don’t cheap out, because one day your life may be dependent on it.

Depending on the brand and style that you choose, the length of the chassis may vary. Shown is the picture are the Surefire 2L and 1L versions. The 2L has two batteries and is 260 lumens, while the 1L has only one battery and is shorter, with 180 lumens of power.