Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Tactical Knife

There are times that your attacker is too close to draw your LTC Firearm

Folding Tactical Knife

A knife can help

Not only can it be used to help you escape during an attack, they can also be used in a time of need. An example of this is to cut a stuck seat belt after an accident.

This is a tricky subject since local laws might limit what can be legally carried. Please research your local laws.


Here are some guidelines to consider:

This is almost as important as your CHL Pistol and Tactical Flashlight

Yes, Many experts say that a fix blade knife is always best for self defense, but most state and local laws do not allow concealed carry of fix blade knife. Because of this, this is why a folding tactical knife is recommended. However, many state and local laws still do not allow for folding blades, or have restrictions. Research and know the local laws for where you are, or where you are going to travel to before carrying a folding tactical knife.
Visit http://www.knifeup.com/knife-laws/  as a great place to start, but again, confirm the laws for your area.

With all of that said, what should you look for in a tactical knife:

  • The knife should be able to easily carried concealed, just like with a CHL carried pistol, others should not know you have a knife.
  • The handle is almost, if not more, important as the blad
    • The handle should fit well in the hand, and shouldn't slip or move in your hand when pressure is applied
    • The grip should be made of material that you can still hold onto when wet (sweat or rain)
  • The blade should be deployed easily and assisted (spring loaded) if possible
  • The blade should be easy to keep sharp and clean
  • The clip, or the way the knife is secured while carrying, should be secure and easy to release and deploy
Kershaw Pink Camo Knife

Here are some Pros and Cons

Focus more on the Pros... but again, learn how to use it correctly, and only buy quality.


  • Easily to deploy using a single hand.
  • Can assist in escaping from an attacker, or to cut something in time of need. i.e. a seat belt in a car crash.
  • Can by time and space needed to allow you to draw your chl firearm
  • Might be used in situation where you can’t draw a firearm
  • Can be extremely effective making an attacker think twice, or convincing them to back off. Sometime more than a firearm.


  • Effective use takes training and practice.
  • If used against an attacker in self defense, Knife on Knife fights will more than likely lead to you being cut also.
  • The likelihood of your attacker stopping the attack after being cut only once is slim. It might take several to force your attacker to leave you alone.
Keshaw Tactical Knife

Where should you physically carry your tactical knife

Some experts say to carry one of each side, the strong and the weak...

Center Mass is always the best place to carry, in other words, a location that you can reach with with either hand, your strong or weak hand. This isn’t always possible and still be concealed.


  • If you are able, you should be able to access the tactical knife via both hands quickly
  • If you are carrying a CHL (or CCW) then the tactical knife should be on the side of your weak hand or opposite of the hand you use to draw your pistol. You may have to draw your tactical knife in order to gain access or be able to draw your pistol and not get into a struggle to retain it.
  • If you are not carrying a CHL, then the tactical knife should be on your strong side, but experts recommended having one on each side


Most modern tactical knifes come with a built in clip, and you can use to carry inside the waistband, or they come with a sheath that came be put in and attached to a belt. In any case, however you carry, you should be able to reach and deploy quickly.

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