Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Personal Protection

Basic Personal Protection Techniques, Products, & Information

Personal Protection Shield

The more research you do into personal protection techniques, the more opinions you will find. The reason for this is that the best technique depends on the situation, and many of them take training and repetition until they become second nature. However, there are some “common sense” techniques and tools that you can use relatively easily or with little preparation (with or without a License to Carry).

Basic Personal Protection Technique

Remember it isn’t about hurting your attacker, but stopping the threat return home to your family and friends

No one wants to think about a bad situation happening to them, and we truly hope that you don't have to go through an attack. However, would you be ready if it did? What would you do? Are you prepared both physical and mentally? Do you know what you can do to help prevent a criminal from attacking you? Granted, sometimes you can be the wrong person in the wrong place, at the wrong time, but you can shift the odds of survival, or even escape, in your favor.

  • Be Alert!

    Look around when walking somewhere or talking on the phone. We are not talking about being paranoid, but sometimes, if a would be attacker, sees that you are paying attention; they might just pick an easier target. This doesn't mean being paranoid, just keep your eyes open on your surrounding and activities of others.

  • Have a Plan A and Plan B
  • Be in Shape
  • Take a Self Defense Class and Practice
  • Lock Your Doors
  • Don't Stand out!
  • Acquire your Texas LTC (License to Carry)
Everyday Carry Items

Everyday Carry Items

These are items that you should carry on or with you at all times

While there are countless websites and opinions on items that should be included in your “Everyday Carry,” here are some key items that we recommend.

  • Smart Phone
  • Flashlight
  • Pocket Knife or utility tool
  • CHL / Driver's license
  • Credit card
  • Cash or emergency cash
  • Secondary weapon(s)
  • Intermediate weapon(s)
  • “Dummy Wallet”

lorem   Visit our Everyday Carry Items Page for more details

Important Information Related to Legal Protection and LTC, CHL, or CCW Carry

Take a Texas LTC Class

Take a Texas LTC Class
Not all  LTC classes are the same. Often, their goal is quantity, and not quality. DoubleActionCHL is different.
If you are looking for quality Texas LTC classes in the Northwest Houston area, we have what you need. Don’t look at the cheaper LTC Classes. We promise that is it extremely difficult to find a better class than what DoubleActionCHL (and our affiliates) offer!. Visit our Texas LTC Classes Page.

LTC, CHL, and CCW Information and Resources

LTC, CHL, and CCW Information and Resources
This is the information that you need before or after the LTC class, but before you start to carry a concealed firearm
LTC, CHL, or CCW Concealment information can be difficult to find, and when you do, so overwhelming that you don’t know what to believe or where to even start. We have done the research for you and present it, hopefully, in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Visit our LTC, CHL, and CCW Resources Page.

Pistol Grip with Thumbs Forward

Firearms Training
Before you get your CHL license, or even after, let us teach you how to handle your firearm and practice to protect yourself
Great training and practice techniques for beginning shooter or those who are just beginning to carry a CHL firearm. We can also help the experienced shooters hone in their shooting skills. Visit our Firearms Training Page.

Legal Protection

Legal Protection
Recommended for anyone who is going to carry a firearm for personal defense, but it also offers so much more.
It what was all of our instructors carry and recommend. Even if you are completely within the law when defending yourself, you will still need an attorney. Not to mention, everyone should have an up to date will. Visit our Legal Protection Page.

Amazon Online Store

Amazon Store
The DoubleActionCHL Amazon Store
Firearm, LTC, CHL or CCW, and Personal Protection tools and accessories all in one place and delivered from Amazon. We have done the research and put our recommended items all in one easy to find location, our online store. Visit our Amazon Store Page.