Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

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Personal Protection Information

Personal Protection Techniques, & Resources

Check back often as this section will be expanded and added to

Personal Protection information and basic techniques including what we call our recommended everyday carry items. These can be used with your CHL - CCW or without!

LTC CHL CCW Information

LTC - CHL -CCW Information

How to choose a pistol, concealment holster, and accessories

No one can tell you what the best concealment pistol and holster is for you, but hopefully we give you a great place to start. In the end, go test before you purchase if you can.

Basic Firearms Safety Rules

Basic Firearms Safety Rules

I know you might get tired of hearing about this, but it is that important!

Even the most experienced shooter needs to be reminded of the safety rules, and a breach of these rules can’t be tolerated. Remind them in the nicest way possible.