Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

About Texas LTC Classes

About our Texas LTC Classes in NW Houston (Spring, Cypress, Tomball)

About Texas LTC Classes

Is a Texas LTC right for you?

This is a very complicated answer, and it has to be up to you.

Acquiring your license and carrying a handgun or any other tool to protect yourself is a major responsibility which requires maturity, education, and training!

We can help with the last two items.

How do you acquire your Texas LTC License?

Just a high-level of the steps needed

  • Check the Eligibility Requirements
  • Schedule your Texas LTC Class
    • Private Classes (Contact us for details)
    • Texas LTC Class Schedule
      • You will need Handgun and 50 Rounds of Ammo
        • Ammo Available at the Range
      • 6 Hour Class, plus Range Qualifications and Written Exam
      • You must pass Shooting and Written Tests
      • We provide your CHL-100 (needed prove of passing class for the State of Texas)
  • Apply ONLINE with DPS
    • Pay Texas LTC Application Fee
    • Print Application Receipt
    • Schedule Digital Finger Prints
      • Get Finger Printed
  • Up load (Preferred) your required documents online or Mail your packet to DPS
    • Keep a copy of your packet
    • Mail it with Delivery Confirmation (if you are not uploading the documents)
  • Wait; usually about 30 days
NW Houston LTC Classes

NW Houston LTC Classes

And why choose DoubleActionCHL

Our Texas LTC Classes are convenient to the Greater Houston Area, including Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Humble and surrounding areas.

Why choose DoubleActionCHL?

  • Comfortable Indoor Shooting Range
  • Public Classes and Range Qualifications are in the same location on the same day
  • Experienced, Energetic Instructors
  • Excellent Multimedia Presentation
  • Post Classroom Support (Call or email us your questions)
  • Hundreds of Hours of Research put Into the Presentation and Handouts
  • Women Friendly Environment

DoubleActionCHL Range Qualifications are held at Shiloh Shooting Range located at:

12703 Shiloh Church Rd, Houston, TX 77066

Private Texas LTC Classes

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Individual & Small Group Private LTC Classes Available

Add one more person and get a discount. Don’t forget the firearms training!

Individuals, couples, or a small group of five or more people TX LTC Classes. Classroom portion can be at your location or ours (for additional charge).


Company or Private Group LTC Classes

Ask about our Group Discounts

A private sign up link will be provided along with a class flyer with sign up instructions.

Each individual who signs up also qualifies for $25 off Basic Firearm Training and Safety classes

Class room portion held at your location, or at the range (additional charges may apply).

Contact us for additional details.

Real Estate For Sale Sign

Real Estate Agent Safety & Private TX LTC Classes

Individual, Small Group, or Larger Classes Available

Real Estate Based Personal Protection Techniques and information along with required Texas Concealed Handgun License Training.

Real Estate Agent Private Group Discount Rates Available *Discount rate includes your family and friends

  • DoubleActionCHL and our affiliates have held several classes for Real Estate Brokers and Agents.
  • Many of our trainers have family and friends that are Realtors and believe in their safety while showing home and hosting open houses.
  • HAR and NAR safety recommendations are presented along with other basic personal safety techniques.

Important Information Related to LTC - CHL - CCW Carrying of a Handgun

CHL Carry Pistol

LTC - CHL - CCW Information and Resources
This is the information that you need before or after the CHL class, but before you start to carry a concealed firearm
CHL (CCW) Concealment information can be difficult to find, and when you do, so overwhelming that you don’t know what to believe or where to even start. We have done the research for you and present it, hopefully, in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Visit our CHL (CCW) Resource Page.

Pistol with Thumbs Forward Grip

Firearms Training
Before you get your CHL license, or even after, let us teach you how to handle your firearm and practice to protect yourself
Great training and practice techniques for beginning shooter or those who are just beginning to carry a firearm for protection. We can also help the experienced shooters hone in their shooting skills. Visit our Firearms Training Page.

Legal Protection

Legal Protection
Recommended for anyone who is going to carry a firearm for personal defense, but it also offers so much more.
It what was all of our instructors carry and recommend. Even if you are completely within the law when defending yourself, you will still need an attorney. Not to mention, everyone should have an up to date will. Visit our Legal Protection Page.

Personal Protection Shield

Personal Protection
A firearm should be your last resort, and you may not always be able to carry, but should carry everywhere you legally can.
Great personal protection techniques, information and recommended tools to help protect you and your family beyond a LTC, CHL, or CCW license. We have done the homework and research, so that you don’t have to. Visit our Personal Protection Page.

DoubleActionCHL Amazon Online Store

Amazon Store
The DoubleActionCHL Amazon Store
Firearm, LTC, CHL (CCW), and Personal Protection tools and accessories all in one place and delivered from Amazon. We have done the research and put our recommended items all in one easy to find location, our online store. Visit our Amazon Store Page.