Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

Basic Pistol Training

Basic Pistol Training

Basic Pistol Training

Do you want to learn how to shoot your handgun?

Do you need to learn how to use a handgun for home defense, to start enjoying the sport of Pistol Shooting, or before you take your Texas LTC class? We can help!

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What will you learn in our Firearms Training Classes?

Basic Pistol, CHL Carry, or Home Defense

  • Basic Handgun safety
  • Basic Weapon Maintenance
  • Firearm Storage
  • Basic about Ammunition
  • Basic Parts of Semi-Automatics and Revolvers
  • Basic of Handling and Shooting a Handgun
  • Includes Classroom and Range Time
  • Self Defense Techniques
  • Training is tailored to either Basic Handgun Training, LTC Carry, or Home Defense

Important Information Related to Basic Handgun Training

Texas LTC Classes

Texas LTC Classes
This is the information that you need before or after the Texas LTC class, but before you start to carry a concealed firearm
If you are looking for quality Texas LTC classes in the Northwest Houston area, we have what you need. Don’t look at the cheaper LTC Classes, as they are often all about quantity, and not quality. Visit our Texas LTC Classes Page.

LTC Information

LTC - CHL - CCW Information and Resources
This is the information that you need before or after the CHL class, but before you start to carry a concealed firearm
LTC - CHL - CCW Concealment information can be difficult to find, and when you do, so overwhelming that you don’t know what to believe or where to even start. We have done the research for you and present it, hopefully, in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Visit our LTC CHL (CCW) Resources Page.

Legal Protection

Legal Protection for LTC Carry
Recommended for anyone who is going to carry a firearm for personal defense, but it also offers so much more.
Prepaid Legal Protection is what all of our instructors carry and recommend. Even if you are completely within the law when defending yourself, you will still need an attorney. Not to mention, everyone should have an up to date will, or even when you need just ask a legal question. Visit our Legal Protection Page.

Personal Protection Shield

Personal Protection
A firearm should be your last resort, and you may not always be able to carry, but should carry everywhere you legally can.
Great personal protection techniques, information and recommended tools to help protect you and your family beyond a LTC - CHL - CCW license. We have done the homework and research, so that you don’t have to. Visit our Personal Protection Page.

DoubleActionCHL Amazon Online Store

Amazon Store
The DoubleActionCHL Amazon Store
Firearm, LTC - CHL - CCW, and Personal Protection tools and accessories all in one place and delivered from Amazon. We have done the research and put our recommended items all in one easy to find location, our online store. Visit our DoubleActionCHL Amazon Store Page.