Texas CHL (Concealed Handgun License) has been renamed to Texas LTC (License to Carry)

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Texas LTC Classes in North West Houston

Texas LTC Services and Resources

Private & Public
Texas LTC Classes

We specialize in Private Texas LTC Classes for individuals and Companies, but we do offer Public classes. If you or your company is interested in Concealed Handgun Classes, contact us today for more details. Its affordable, and better yet, the class room portion is held at your location.

Firearms Training

Basic Pistol Class

DoubleActionCHL Offers Basic Pistol and Concealment Training
It isn’t enough to only have a CHL license. You need to know how to handle your firearm, and practice on a regular basis. This doesn't always mean going to range the putting round down range, which you should do at least once a month. However their are several ways to practice outside of the range as well. Let us teach you all of the above. Visit our Firearms Training website for more details.

Legal Protection

Legal Defense

DoubleActionCHL recommends Legal Shield for Legal Protection
We hope that you never have find your self in a situation that forces you to defend yourself, but what if you are forced to?  If you carry a LTC handgun then you should have legal representation that you can turn to when needed, but you should also update your will every year. Legal Shield can help with both. Visit our Legal Protection website for details.

Personal Protection Information

Personal Protection NO

A LTC is only one way to defend yourself, learn many other Personal Protection techniques and information for free!
Even if you don’t have a CHL or even a firearm, learn about your option on how to protect you and your family. Often, avoidance is the best  answer, but not always an option. If you do find yourself in a bad situation, we hope the information provide and can turn things to your favor. Visit our Personal Protection website for more information.

Our Amazon Store

DoubleActionCHL Amazon Online Store

Our Amazon Store has many LTC and Personal Protection items to choose from.
Finding items related to LTC - CHL - CCW carry and Personal Protection can be difficult and expensive. We have gone through the products on Amazon and listed them in one location for you, best of all, all orders are fulfilled directly by Amazon. Show your support for DoubleActionCHL and pick up your LTC carry and Personal Protection items from our Store.