10 steps to Concealed Carry and Open Carry

10 steps to Concealed Carry and Open Carry

Over the many years that we have taught concealed carry, open carry, and other personal protection techniques, we have determined that the process can be broken down into 10 major areas or steps. Many of the following steps shouldn’t be skipped (but often are), and should be revisited time to time.

Through out the next several weeks, we will be reviewing ourĀ 10 steps to Concealed Carry and Open Carry. We will visit some areas more than others, but we will at least show you where you can find out more information on each area if it isn’t an area that we specialize in.

Our main website and BLOG will be redesigned around the following steps as well in an effort to help people find exactly what they need, and highlights are up-coming new focus.

Feed back and constructive criticism is welcome.

10 steps to Concealed Carry and Open Carry:

  1. Proper Mindset
  2. Basic Firearms Training
  3. Acquire the necessary licensing (if required) and learn the local laws
  4. Acquire the necessary gear and tools
  5. Learn and practice Concealment / Open Carry techniques
  6. Actually Conceal and/or Open Carry!
  7. Adjust Carry Option as needed (i.e weather or clothing restrictions)
  8. Legal Protection (Protection for after you are forced to defend yourself or your family)
  9. Other Safety gear and techniques
  10. Advanced Training and on-going Practice

10 steps to Concealed Carry and Open Carry

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