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Merry Christmas from! wants to wish you and yours a safe Christmas and New Year’s! Here are a few tips to help keep you safe during the holiday season: Keep your temper in check. Be patient with others. Break down boxes that

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NRA SmartPhone App

Even if you are not an NRA member (which you should be if you are not) this is a great app to learn about news, new tools, and other items that will help you in your CHL and Personal Protection

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Shooting while on the move basics video

 Here is a great video from National Association for Gun Rights about moving while shooting at a target. Good shooting skills are more than standing in a stationary position, shooting at a stationary target. No matter what your shooting skill

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Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah!

Enjoy the festivities with family and friends while giving thanks for all the bounties that we receive. If you plan on shopping during Black Friday sales or this weekend, please be safe and make sure to bring along plenty of

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Do you know where the top three most dangerous places are?

Two of them are pretty obvious, but the third might surprise you. Bars (of course) Professional Sports Games Family Reunions (This one might have surprised you, but then again, maybe not.) At lease in Texas, you can’t carry at the

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County or City Smartphone Apps

There are several good apps that are available from some counties and cities. Check to see what is available from the ones that you live in or visit. Harris County has two great apps that are available: iWatchHarrisCounty HC Service

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Choosing the right CHL Concealment Carry Pistol Chassis or Frame

The most common chassis or frame size is the Full size. However, this is also the most difficult size to conceal, but is usually the easiest to shoot. There are four main CHL Carry Pistol Chassis or Frame sizes are:

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News: Man is attacked by group of 30 on motorcycles

We don’t often comment on news articles on this website, but this is directly related to Personal Protection! This is a prime example of why I feel everyone who legally can, should have and exercise their CHL rights! Where to

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Semi-Automatic and Revolver Layout

Visit our Defintions webpage for explinations of the parts of the semi-automatic and revolver pistols:

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Choosing the Chassis or Frame Material for your CHL Concealment Carry Pistol

The chassis (frame) can be made out of multiple material types. In the case of a CHL Concealed Pistol, the lighter the better, but it must still be “controllable.” Remember, the goal isn’t to be able to hit a bulls eye

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