Month: April 2013

There are 5 main CHL Concealed Holster Techniques

There a several different ways to conceal your CHL handgun. One popular and recommended technique is called on-person carry (Click here for Definition). This means that your primary defense weapon (CHL carry pistol) is physically on your person or body.

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Choosing The Right CHL Carry Pistol 101

Choosing the correct CHL carry pistol is almost as difficult as finding the right vehicle that fits you. Often, we will refer to your CHL weapon as a tool, and that is exactly what it is, but think of choosing

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Is a Texas CHL right for you?

This is a very complicated question that only can be answered by you. However, throughout this website hopefully you will find the answer, along with our recommendations, options, and other useful resources available. Carrying a Concealed Handgun is a major

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Everyday Carry Items

While there are countless websites and opinions on items that should be included in your “Everyday Carry,” here are some key items that we recommend. Some of them are self-explanatory, and other items we will go into more details in

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