Month: January 2014

Please stay safe and warm today!

Today is a great example of why we always say that you should prepared. Ice and Snow for most of Texas SE areas. Imagine if you were stuck in this weather due to an accident or stall! Several bridges are

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Clearing Common Handgun Malfunctions

Here is a good video from the NAGR on Clearing Common Handgun Malfunctions. It is a well done video, but I do caution you on the inspection of the gun failure. It is okay to inspect the type of failure,

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Four Rules of Gun Safety presented by NAGR

We can never stress this enough. Even seasoned shooters need to be reminded of GUN SAFETY on a regular basis.

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NEWS: Indiana Grocery Store Shooting

The following story is why anti-gun activists will say that we need to limit or take away gun rights. We say this is exactly why we should do the opposite for the law abiding citizen! As you might know, we

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