Month: May 2014

News: #chipotle asks people to not brings guns into their restaurants

I know that this this happened back on May 20th, but it is important enough to still post. As always, any place of business that will not allow a law abiding citizen to protect themselves while visiting that place of

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#MemorialDay – Have a great, but safe, Memorial Day!

Enjoy the time with your family and friends, but be safe! And, of course, please remember those we should who sacrificed all so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have.

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#eBay #personalprotection – online safety: EBay client information stolen in hacking attack

If you haven’t heard already, eBay client data was stolen for millions of accounts. While they are stating the they don’t believe that password have been un-encrypted yet, it doesn’t mean that it will not be. They claim that financial

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#fundraiser memorial: Mark Braswell – Asst. Cheif Cy-Fair VFD

From the Fundraiser website: “Mark Braswell passed away suddenly on Friday, May 16, 2014 in a tragic accident while riding his bicycle. Mark was an Asst. Chief with Cy-Fair VFD and a Captain with the Houston Fire Department. He was

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#Gun Safety: What goes up, must come down!

With July 4th less than two months away; a subject that we shouldn’t have to cover, but feel that we must is: What does up, must come down! Every year you hear of idiots firing their firearms up in the

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#Range Time – Remember to practice at the range at least once a month

Had a great Sunday, Mother’s day, with my wife at the range. Thank you to Shiloh Indoor Shooting Range for a great time! If you are around the NorthWest Houston Metro area (Willowbrook Mail Area), check them out!  If not,

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#NRA Video: Natalie Foster for NRA News: “Not Guilty”

The news does there best to make people feel bad about gun owner ship every time we read about a tragedy  in the news that involves a gun. Enough is enough! We shouldn’t feel guilty about the right to protect

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#ammo – Two Great Companies that have plenty of ammo and good prices

In my quest to find good quality ammo at the best prices, here are my finding: Bass Pro Shops at Katy Mills Mall – great selection and good prices. A bit of a drive for many people, but depending on

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#NRA Video: Love At First Shot | First Trip to the Range

I love the fact that more women are getting involved in shooting more and more everyday!   #NRA #CHL #Women&Shooting

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News: Boy, 11, killed when uncle’s gun goes off – News – The Times-Tribune

Boy, 11, killed when uncle’s gun goes off – News – The Times-Tribune. This is a sad news story. The anti-gunners are eating this story up. In their words “a responsible gun owner…” He is not a responsible gun owner.”

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