Month: July 2014

#CHL – Product Review: Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight 2L

Product Name:  Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight 2L Product Description: (Borrowed from the Amazon website) C4 LED technology with 50,000-hour lifetime One-handed operation of three modes: momentary, variable intensity, or strobe IPX7 rated design; waterproof to one meter for 30

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#CHL – Always good to see when we have pro-gun Police Chiefs on our side!

Obviously, the set of circumstances behind his call for the citizens of Detroit to arm themselves isn’t good, but it is a proven fact that the more armed citizens that you have, the less crime you have.

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#chl – An “Honest Mistake” might lead to a mother spending 3 years in jail!

When you are carrying a CHL / CCW pistol, you have to “always” remember when you have it with you and think ahead about where you will be and if you going to be anywhere that you can’t carry it.

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#Chicago shootings over the July 4th weekend

Not making light or people getting shot or even losing their live, the news has completely twisted these events for their anti-gun agendas. They don’t state if these were legal or illegal acquired guns, and if these were legal or

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#hunting – Texas Cheerleader makes no Apology for her big Game Hunting!

It is sad that hunters and gun enthusiast are suppose to be quiet about their love of the hunt or love of shooting. While I am not much of a hunter myself, if it is a legal hunt, then I am

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#Ikea tells uniformed chief to disarm or leave the store!

Really! A uniformed chief. I am absolutely amazed by this. Stores should do everything they can to invite and make uniformed (and those not in their uniforms) peace officers feel welcome in their stores. I know that I do when

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#Target ‘s gun ban backfires!

Here is a great example of what happens when I company asks its patrons not to carry in its store publicly. Only law abiding citizens will listen and obey their request, leaving them vulnerable to the criminals who don’t care

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Great Video from on Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette

Practice Firearm Safety and Etiquette even when you are not at the range, say something is someone else isn’t, and leave if the other party refuses to be safe! Every range is slightly different if their rules, so you should

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#Holster Summer #CHL Carry

When you carry CHL / CCW, you should know that you might have to adjust your clothing around your carry method. If you work, this may not be possible, and not all of us can afford different kinds and sizes

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#CHL Tips for Buying a Gun Safe

Cannon offers a free 7 Tips for Purchasing a Safe newsletter. Visit the Cannon website to download for free (but it will cost you your name and email address.)

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