Month: December 2014

#chl – You have your CHL – CCW, now what?

Great job! You have taken a major step in defending yourself and your family. Your not done! Now it is time to get qualified tactical  training in order to teach you how to handle your firearm in a high-stress situation.

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#chl – You had to use deadly force to stop the threat, now what?

God forbid the day that you have to use deadly force to defend yourself or your family from a deadly threat, but what if you have to? Now what? Are you ready? Do you have qualified legal protection? Even if

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Support your local police officers

It is a shame that the government and politicians who are over the local peace officers will not support them even when the facts support what they did. In support I mean that they didn’t break the law. This is

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Trial by News Must Stop!

Stand up and tell the news channels and reporters that “Trial by News” will not be tolerated and excepted. They must make every effort to check the facts and report on them. If they want to give an opinion on

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