Month: June 2015

Women CHL Concealment

We are always looking for opens to expand women CHL concealment carry options. We have found a website dedicated just to this: . Granted, please test and practice any options that you choose and you need to be able to draw

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Charleston Church Shooting

Before we begin, the shooting in Charleston Church Shooting in South Carolina is a tragedy committed by a criminal! Our hearts and prayers go out the families and the community affected. Now, with that said; Obama and Hilary are already

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TX CHL Class Testimonial

#CHL More TX CHL Class Testimonials At DoubleActionCHL we realize that we don’t report back the great comments that our students have to say about us enough. Here are two great comments from our June 13th, 2015 TX CHL Class: “Great

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Help Save His Eyesight

Josh is a good friend of DoubleActionCHL and a stand up guy with a big heart. Please do what you can to help him out with his eyesight issues that he has been fighting for a while now. Finally, he

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IDPA Classifier

#IDPA We often talk about the benefits of competition shooting, like IDPA. While we understand that it is a shooting sport, it does teach great skills that can be used in a defensive situation. When you first attend the practice

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Get Firearm Training

We often speak of importance of Firearm Training. Yes, it can be expensive, and not as existing for those who have firearm experience. The solution (after you have your basics and then some down) is to join your local gun

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