Month: July 2015

Texas Open Carry

I’m sure that everyone knows now that the Bill allowing Texas Open Carry passed and Governor Abbott has singed it into law. What does this really mean? Unfortunately, the DPS hasn’t really posted what this really means on their website,

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Email Phishing Awareness Quiz

Part of Personal Protection and Safety is online safety. Take the McAfee Email Phishing Awareness Quiz and see how you do. Email Phishing has become a Billion Dollar Business by either stealing your information or holding your files ransom. Don’t

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Texas CHL Class 7-11 Survey Update

Texas CHL Class 7-11 Survey Update We had a great Texas CHL Class on Saturday July 11th! Our Class Survey for our Texas CHL Class 7-11 Survey Update was perfect for all of the categories except for our website, and we

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Higher risk for having your identity stolen

If you’ve recently done one of these 3 things, you’re at a higher risk for having your identity stolen Read more:

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Save to Life Threatenting

This is how quickly things can go from save to life threatening altercation and we praise the police officer who had the aware-all to push the suspect to get him off police, draw his weapon, turning on the laser and light,

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