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TX CHL Class Testimonial

#CHL More TX CHL Class Testimonials At DoubleActionCHL we realize that we don’t report back the great comments that our students have to say about us enough. Here are two great comments from our June 13th, 2015 TX CHL Class: “Great

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Help Save His Eyesight

Josh is a good friend of DoubleActionCHL and a stand up guy with a big heart. Please do what you can to help him out with his eyesight issues that he has been fighting for a while now. Finally, he

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Get Firearm Training

We often speak of importance of Firearm Training. Yes, it can be expensive, and not as existing for those who have firearm experience. The solution (after you have your basics and then some down) is to join your local gun

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Happy Memorial Day

#HappyMemorialDay Happy Memorial Day from DoubleActionCHL and our Instructors! As we spend time with our friends and family, please take a moment of silence for all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. Remember, our

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Facebook Censorship

#censorship It appears that Facebook Censorship has banded DoubleActionCHL from advertising on Facebook. They are however, for now, allowing me to keep the DoubleActionCHL page. Even though the content of my ads FULLY comply with their published guidelines, the best

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TX CHL Classes & Facebook

Facebook notified me today that I can’t Boost my posts anymore. For those who don’t know when you “Boost” a post in Facebook, it is a form of advertising and your post will show up as a recommended post. They

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Our BLOG has moved!

The DoubleActionCHL BLOG has moved (along with some updates) from to as a way to better serve our clients. If you have any questions or concerns (or issues) please contact our webmaster at

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Tomball Pawn is giving away a new Sig M11-A1 Saturday

Tomball Pawn is giving away a brand new Sig M11-A1 this Saturday at their Sig Day! Visit their Facebook Page for more details:

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#CHL – Are new Website is up and running @

We have a new Website! Visit us at  

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Where have we been?

Yes, DoubleActionCHL has taken a little time away from our BLOG, but we haven’t been taking it easy! We are hard at work on our NEW website design and should have it up and running by the end of the

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