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Texas CHL Class 7-11 Survey Update

Texas CHL Class 7-11 Survey Update We had a great Texas CHL Class on Saturday July 11th! Our Class Survey for our Texas CHL Class 7-11 Survey Update was perfect for all of the categories except for our website, and we

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TX CHL Class Testimonial

#CHL More TX CHL Class Testimonials At DoubleActionCHL we realize that we don’t report back the great comments that our students have to say about us enough. Here are two great comments from our June 13th, 2015 TX CHL Class: “Great

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Testimonial: Elaine, Realtor

We love positive feedback from our clients. This is why we do what we do! Charles, Just wanted to thank you so much for teaching me yesterday. I feel so much more confident when handling my gun. I loaded it

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