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Charleston Church Shooting

Before we begin, the shooting in Charleston Church Shooting in South Carolina is a tragedy committed by a criminal! Our hearts and prayers go out the families and the community affected. Now, with that said; Obama and Hilary are already

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Support your local police officers

It is a shame that the government and politicians who are over the local peace officers will not support them even when the facts support what they did. In support I mean that they didn’t break the law. This is

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Trial by News Must Stop!

Stand up and tell the news channels and reporters that “Trial by News” will not be tolerated and excepted. They must make every effort to check the facts and report on them. If they want to give an opinion on

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Michael Dunn gets life in loud music trail

Again, I will not discuss the details of the case, because I don’t know them all. What I do know, is that he could have just drove off and left the situation, instead he escalated it. Weather the teens had

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AR Real Estate Agent’s Body Found

I absolutely hate to hear this! If you are a Real Estate Agent, contact us about our Real Estate Agent Texas CHL Discount classes today. Get your CHL license, carry everywhere you can legally carry, be safe! If you

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Man drives his truck into a Sheriff’s Office

This goes to prove that an “unarmed” person can be dangerous. Remember, a vehicle can be used as and considered a lethal weapon.

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#chl – Mother who’s son brought a gun to school sentenced to 1 year in jail

Remember, gun safety and education starts with you. If your child gets a hold of your firearm and hurts themselves or someone else, you can (and probably) will be held liable. Always keep your firearms out of the reach of

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#panera Bread Asks Customers to Leave Guns at Home

Fight those who would try and erode your right to protect yourself and your family and don’t spend your hard earned money at businesses that will not let you carry. Granted, Panera Bread said that they will follow the local

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#KnockOutGame – Now they ask if you are armed

A victim was asked if they were armed before the attacker strikes them in a attempt to knock them out! The attackers have even gone after pregnant women and the elderly. Even if you can carry a concealed weapon, I

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#police – A NJ Police Station was Shot at!

How bold can you be! If they are not afraid of the police, they are not afraid of un-armed citizens. This is exactly why law abiding citizens SHOULD be able to carry concealed and protect themselves.

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