Charleston Church Shooting

Before we begin, the shooting in Charleston Church Shooting in South Carolina is a tragedy committed by a criminal! Our hearts and prayers go out the families and the community affected.

Now, with that said; Obama and Hilary are already attacking our gun rights, again! Really, is this really the best time?

Gun laws only restrict the law abiding citizen, and person who committed this crime is obviously not one. We will not say his name or show his image… this is about the victims and not making a criminal famous.

We will say that if the law abiding victims killed had CHL / CCW of their own, 9 people would not have perished.

Gun restriction only affect innocent people. Criminals will find ways to hurt the innocent, period! Lets make sure that the innocent people can protect themselves!

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  1. Webmaster says:

    The last I will say about this is: some of the family members affected, almost immediately forgive the one (we will not say his name) who wronged them. My hat is off to them, they are much more forgiving than I would be. Again, our thoughts and prayers go out the family, church, and community of those lives who were taken.

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