CHL Purse Carry means that the holster is located inside your purse, inside a holster that is located in a dedicated pocket. You should never carry your CHL Concealed Pistol just thrown inside a purse pocket. Not only can this damage your handgun, but you may not be able to draw your weapon quickly enough in a self-defense situation.

Several manufactures have top quality purses with special pockets made with built-in CHL Concealment holsters. Granted, most of these purses are not the most fashionable, but there are some out there.


  • A larger weapon chassis can be carried in this fashion with means a large caliber with more ammo capacity.
  • Can be carried with any type of clothing during anytime of the year.
  • With practice, training, and the appropriate purse with a built in holster to keep the weapon in the best position, drawing your CHL pistol can be done quickly.


  • A women’s purse is often the first thing that an attacker grabs during an attack. If your CHL Concealed pistol is located in the purse, now your attacker(s) have your weapon.
  • Drawing your weapon using this CHL Concealed Carry method, can take longer than other methods. Practice can help reduce your draw time.
  • The purse shouldn’t be set down or out of your site at anytime. Even hanging the purse on the back of a chair or sitting on the floor could be risky.



Again, off person carry (carrying your CHL pistol in a purse is considered off-person carry) is not the recommended carry option, but since we know that several women will choose to carry in the purse it is a topic that we need to cover in a little more detail.

  1. First, if you do choose to purse carry, make sure that your CHL Concealment Carry Pistol is in a holster. Either in a pocket with a holster built in (there are several great quality purses available today, see our store for a few options) or add a secured holster to a purse that you already own.
  2. Second, the holster should be in a dedicated pocket that isn’t shared by anything else. In other words, just your holster and pistol should be in the pocket that you have chosen to use for your CHL Concealment Pistol Carry. The holster should also put the CHL pistol in a position that is easy and comfortable to draw the weapon. If you want to add a secured area for your tactical flashlight, that could be an option, as long as there is plenty of room and it doesn’t interfere with drawing your CHL pistol.
  3. Third, your hand should be able to fit comfortable into the pocket and not be hindered by a zipper or other restrictions. Your CHL Pistol should be well concealed and not easily visible when the pocket access is open (i.e. open zipper). This is so that you can be ready to access the pistol, but not show everyone around you that you are carrying a CHL pistol. Remember, it has to be “concealed” at all times, until you are legal able to draw that weapon to protect you or your family.
  4. Forth, make sure that the strap on the purse, puts the purse at a comfortable level. If it is too high, or too low, then it will be difficult to access your CHL pistol, and in a self-defense situation seconds could mean life and death. Our recommendation is a cross body solder strap that puts your purse on the strong hand side just slightly above your waste. This will allow you to have your hand near or even in the pocket, for quick and easy access.
  5. Fifth, practice, practice, practice! Drawing your CHL pistol should be something that you practice in a dry fire situation so many times that you don’t have to think, your muscles (muscles memory) just do it instinctually. Remember, practice with an unloaded weapon and always have the CHL pistol pointed in a safe direction. However, if you can find a range that will let you practice drawing from your CHL Carry Purse and fire your weapon, this is something that you should practice.
  6. Lastly, we know that fashion is very important to most women when they are choosing what purse to carry, please balance fashion and functionality with the above requirements and if you  have to choose, functionality should win over fashion.
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