Emergency Preparedness


We truly hope that everyone stayed dried and survived the heavy storm that rolled through Texas and the Houston area over the last few days. This is a prime example why we stress to be prepared at all times. Here are just of a few items that you should have with you, or make sure that you have ready at all times:

Carry items:

  • CHL Pistol (with Holster) and CHL license
  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Extra cash (and a fake wallet)
  • Identification and credit cards


Items to take care of:

  • Extra water
  • Extra canned food and/or protein bars
  • Medical Kit
  • Full Gas Tank with extra full gas cans
  • Emergency numbers
  • Medications

And we could go on and on… not all of use prepare for the “end of the world” but for emergency situations and disaster that really do happen every year.

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