Exciting to see the pros at the local match

Exciting  to see the pros at the local match

It isn’t often that you get a chance to see a pro at your local match. Even the professionals still enjoy shooting on their free time. Bayou City Practical Shooters / Shiloh Tactical Shooters had the likes of Randy Rogers in attendance at our last local USSPA local match. A little bragging on my part, the same night I had the stage of my life… (Of course we will not talk about my performance of the three stages the followed. To add to the excitement, I placed forth after very talented shooters, including Randy Rogers.

While I can’t promise any professional shooters will be there, we would love to see you at our IDPA local match tonight. Visit www.shilohidpa.com for more information or to sign-up for the local match.

Exciting to see the pros at the local match

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