Get Firearm Training

We often speak of importance of Firearm Training. Yes, it can be expensive, and not as existing for those who have firearm experience. The solution (after you have your basics and then some down) is to join your local gun club and compete in competition shooting, like Not only do you get to practice good solid safety and firearm basics (and if you don’t will be corrected or asked to leave), you will learn advanced techniques and how to handle your firearm under stress. The best part, is it is actually fun and encouraging!

Participating in your local gun club competition shots will teach you many aspects about handling a firearm that you may not realize, here are just a few that we will cover over the next few posts:

  • Do your research into what works best.
  • Test your Gear
  • Learn how to react when things don’t go perfect!
  • Be Safe
  • Join in
  • Practice, Practice, Practice


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