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Welcome to the DoubleActionCHL Practical Shooting BLOG. Yes, we know this is a LTC, or CHL, BLOG, but there are many aspects of shooting sports that translate very well into Defensive Shooting, or LTC/CHL.

First off, yes, Practical Shooting is a sport! This means that you don’t have anyone shooting back at you, and there are limitation and restrictions that they have to work from to make it safe, and measurable, that don’t translate into defensive shooting in the real world. We will talk more about these in later posts, probably, but we will focus more on the similarities.

Which two shooting sports groups will we cover? IDPA, or International Defensive Pistol Association, and they can be found at, and USPSA, or United States Practical Shooting Association, and they are located at Please keep in mind that they are very different, but both have aspects that we can learn from, that can be translated into Defensive Shooting. I’m a bigger fan of IDPA, and its applications toward defensive shooting; however, we can’t ignore the size and popularity of USPSA.

What should you do, before starting down the path of participating in a practical shooting league:

  1. Learn the Basics of gun safety and handling a firearm. Don’t forget them at anytime!
  2. Practice and get used to firing a handgun. If you close your eyes every-time you press the trigger, you may not be ready just yet!
  3. Take a Basic Handgun class, if needed.
  4. Take an Advanced handgun class or Tactical Shooting class. The important aspect here is learning how to draw a firearm from a holster.
  5. Visit you local league and see what you think. If they are not willing to work with a new shooter, find another league! It might be intimidating, but if they are willing to work with you, it is worth it.
  6. Don’t just attend, but Participate! Match directors are always looking for help setting up and tearing down stages.

I waiting a year and a half, before participating in my first competition. You may decide to try a smaller match sooner than I did, or you might even wait a bit longer. I personally wanted to know all of the aspects before competing, including trying out different pistols, holsters, and even ammo.

Check back soon and I will post tips, tricks, and information related to practical shooting and defensive shooting while participating in and practicing for up coming matches. Better yet, I would love to see you there! If you are interested, join me at some of the upcoming matches at Shlioh. Sign up at

Introduction Practical Shooting Blog

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