News: Man is attacked by group of 30 on motorcycles

We don’t often comment on news articles on this website, but this is directly related to Personal Protection!

This is a prime example of why I feel everyone who legally can, should have and exercise their CHL rights!

Where to even begin…

After a man bumps a motorcycle who cut in front of him too closely (some reports say that he was being “targeted” by the motorcycle riders), 30 + motorcycle riders force a man, with his wife and 2 year daughters in the vehicle, to pull over after a 50 block chase and beat him in front of his family. This is after they smashed the window in with a helmet to pull him from the vehicle. Granted, I am assuming that he didn’t bump the motorcycle rider on purpose, not that it would justify their actions.

Here is what I want you take away from this:
1. It happened during the day light (but all crime happens at night, right?)
2. In plain view of several witnesses (they would never hurt someone if front of other people… would they?)
3. He, or his wife, was on the phone with 911 (911 will send help. This is true most of time, but will that help be in time?), plus there were over 200 reports about this particular group of motorcycle riders that day.
4. The police, at least the way the story reads, where more worried about the bikers not having a permit for their ride, and not about the fact that they pulled a man from his vehicle and beat him in front of his wife and child; endangering their lives in the process.  (not sure if this is the case, but definitely frustrating to read.) The more stories you read, the more you see that they police are trying to pursue all the legal action they can, even legal action against the man in fear for his life, and trying to protect himself and his family!

Unfortunately, the police can’t be everywhere all of time. Here is a prime example of a situation when they were unable to, even with advanced notice (50 block chase), and it could have been worse. I am not saying that the use of deadly force would be the answer in this situation (although using his vehicle to run over the motorcycle riders and their vehicles can be considered “use of deadly force”), but it is clear that he did try other options (like just trying away), without success (even calling 911). The use of deadly force (in the case a CHL) might have escalated the situation to the point that his wife and child get hurt or killed, and we don’t know if those on the motorcycles were armed or not. Every situation is full of “what if’s” but not having and EXERCISING your CHL license limits your options. As always, drawing your pistol should always be your last resort, and sometimes your only resort to keep you and your family safe.

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