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If you have read the information on our website ¬†about holsters, we don’t talk highly of a “retention,” or level II holster. This is a holster that you have to push a button, press a switch, twist the gun, or some combination of that prevents you from drawing the pistol from the holster.

Again, for concealed carry, we don’t recommend this kind of holster due to the fact that it adds another level of complexity to drawing your defensive CHL pistol when needed.

If, and this is a big if, open carry does pass in Texas, a retention holster might be a worthy purchase, as long as you get proper training and practice with it. A quick google search will show how many people have their open carry pistol stolen or even get rob for them. We are not a fan, but if an open carry law does pass, we understand that many people will carry this way.

Do your homework, and practice, practice, practice with dry fire exercises, and at the range if possible.

Rentention Holster

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  1. Webmaster says:

    It is January 1st, and Texas Open Carry was signed and now has gone into effect. Again, we are still not a fan, but still believe strongly that if you open carry, a Level II holster is the way to go. But remember, practice, practice, practice drawing your firearm from that holster, before you start carrying it. Always practice with your firearm pointing in a safe direction, unloaded, unless you are at a range with an instructor that allows live fire when drawing from a holster. Stick with the brand names, do your homework, and read the ratings before purchasing. This might mean purchasing a few holsters, until you find that one that is just right for you.

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