Practice even when everything isn’t perfect

Practice even when everything isn’t perfect

Life gets in the way. This is a fact for all of us and this will never change. There is always factors that may prevent us from being able to go to the range and practice the most common are family responsibilities and/or work responsibilities.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, find or make the time! If you can’t make it to the range (maybe it is closed due to snowy conditions, or maybe you don’t have one close) then learn and practice using dry fire techniques, air soft, or pellet guns (first, find out if they are legal in your area).

It is better to practice more often, then the actually length of time. However, practice as if it a real situation (or to the best that your conditions will allow). Remember your firearm basics! Follow them at all times, even if you are practicing with a toy (practice firearm).

If you are any sort of athlete, or want to be athlete like me, injuries are common, and sometimes long term. Practice even when conditions are not perfect, in fact, this is probably the best time to practice. Granted, you may have to modify your practice. Here is an example, if you have hurt your foot, you may have to sit on a bench when you practice. This is fine, but beware that if you draw from a holster, keep the muzzle away from your leg!

Again, find the time to practice, even when life tries to get in the way. Do this as often as you can, even if you can only spend 10 – 15 minutes at a time practicing. Can’t go to the range, learn, setup, and practice dryfire techniques, or use an airsoft or pellet gun instead, but try and use one with a “blowback” feature. This means the slide moves, when it is discharged; Simulating a real guns movement.


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