Practicing With a Firearm with an Injury

Practicing With a Firearm with an Injury

Life isn’t perfect, most of the time. We often get hurt, if you are anything like me, pretty often, and even minor injuries can affect us day to day. What do you do if you are injured and want to go to the range to practice? Should you practice? This is a tough question, and there are two sides to the question. Can you practice and handle a firearm in a safe manner without endangering yourself or others?┬áIf the answer is “YES!” Then go, have fun, and realize that you may be slower, and not as accurate as you are normally. Do you need additional training in or to be able to practice in a safe or new manor because of the injury? You may even have to get a little extra training if the injury is long term to make the needed adjustments. Secondly, I believe that you should practice when life isn’t perfect, because often, you will need to protect yourself, when life isn’t going right.

I’m facing this right now. I injured my finger (hand), not sure how, learning to ride a motorcycle. It will be fine, but is affecting my grip. I’m taking it day by day and will test out my grip tonight before I go to the range to make sure that I can hold on to the firearm without any danger.

Update: Since my grip was returning, although slowly, I felt like I could hold the firearm and be safe, after practicing using dry fire outside of the range. I wasn’t perfect, and had a brain-fart or two, but was safe the entire time, just not as fast and accurate as I normally would be.



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