Skill Building Double Tap

Skill Building Double Tap

Skill Building Double Tap; A difficult skill to learn, master, and even practice is rapid shooting or what is often referred to as the “double tap.” This weeks practical shooting review is how to practice the double tap.

Why is this needed:

For Practical Shooting, this is often a skill that is required during most stages. On quickly moving targets, like pop up targets and turning targets, it is an essential skill because you don’t have the time to pace your shots as the targets disappear from site quickly after being activated. 

For defensive shooting, you may not have time to pace your shots, and it is just good practice to always “double tab” a target in order to make sure you stop the threat effectively. If you wait, the assailant might move, run, or even charge at you preventing another opportunity.

Why is this difficult to practice:

Most ranges will not let you practice rapid shots or shooting. It is a safety concern, as if you don’t know how to effectively perform the skill set, you could easily shoot lights or ceilings, or even over a bullet trap depending on the range setup.

How can you practice:

Find a range and an instructor who will work with you to master the double tap. If you don’t have that option, or want to practice on not pay for the time of an instructor, I use a pellet pistol with blow-back. They also make some airsoft in the same manner.

Blow-back uses some of the CO2 propellant to move the slide back. It isn’t needed in order to fire the pellet or airsoft bee be, but it does help simulate the movement of a real pistol and recoil. Not exact, but it is about 40% to 60% recoil simulation of a real pistol, when compared to most full size 9mm pistols. Of course, as the CO2 cartridge losses it propellant, then the simulated recoil is much less.


Sometimes you might have to get inventive in order to practice the skills that are needed to be effective at defensive shooting. Since most of us are not world renowned shooters, we may not have access to a range to practice all of the skills that we need. That doesn’t mean that you can practice. Remember, dry fire can be extremely effective, but you must take it seriously and act as if you are on a range. Remember not to skip important steps, and follow safety rules at all times!

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