Testimonial: Elaine, Realtor

We love positive feedback from our clients. This is why we do what we do!

Just wanted to thank you so much for teaching me yesterday. I feel so much more confident when handling my gun. I loaded it when I got home and felt I knew what I was doing for the first time. My whole body is aching and sore this morning lol. Who’d have thought I used muscles in my legs, back and neck in addition to my hands and arms yesterday?? Guess I was pretty tense. I’ll be honest with you when I heard all those LOUD shots beside me I almost lost my nerve and came “this” close to saying.. “Charles I can’t do this I want to leave”. I am so glad you brought your gun with you which allowed me to actually shoot. Once I shot that gun, I began to feel more comfortable. I am confident I will be ready to take your CHL class and plan to practice and get comfortable handling and pulling the trigger in the meantime. I would like one more session at the range with you just to help my comfort level as we discussed and probably won’t need long. So, that looks like the 8th March. If you are able to give me a time slot now, that would be great so I can get it on my calendar, if not we can wait until closer. Have a great day.

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