Texas Open Carry

I’m sure that everyone knows now that the Bill allowing Texas Open Carry passed and Governor Abbott has singed it into law. What does this really mean? Unfortunately, the DPS hasn’t really posted what this really means on their website, however, the actual bill and other related documents are available on the Texas House Website.

Texas Open Carry

Before we give you the link for you to read everything yourself, when the law does take affect, we encourage you to use your head. If you are going to open carry, be aware that this will make you a target for those who want to do harm, just as much as it discourages others. A quick Google search will reveal how many people have me attached and robbed for their open carry weapon. Yes, it really does happen! We also recommend a Level II holster and not a Level I that we recommend for concealed carry.

Bill Analysis of the Texas House Texas Open Carry Bill

Here is the link to the Bill Analysis and the House website that has more detail on the subject than you could ever want: http://www.hro.house.state.tx.us/pdf/ba84r/hb0910.pdf#navpanes=0

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