We have enough enemies! Let’s be an example. No open carry.

Despite if it is your right or not, walking down the middle of the street with a long gun (shotgun or rifle)  or pistol strapped to their side might be legal, but it doesn’t make people around your very comfortable. If they are on the edge about firearms, you will probably send them to the opposing side.

“But I do this to protect myself.” Granted, I understand. But put the gun on the other shoulder and what if you saw someone you didn’t know walking down the street (or getting a cup of coffee) with a rifle or shotgun in their hands or slung across their body. If I see someone do this, I am immediately on guard and trying to find the fastest exit away from them. And if you approve me with the rifle in a low ready position, if I fear for my safety, may draw down on you in pure self defense.

This of course doesn’t help our cause or make those who fear firearms trust us anymore than they do now. Use your head, and be an example. This is how we win more firearm advocates, by proving that we are more level headed than they are.

Do you feel differently? Let us know. If you are an open carry fan, let use know why.

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